Money Counter with Counterfeit Bill Detection UV/IR/DD/MG/MT, 3 Displays, 5 Modes Add/Batch/Auto/Count/Restart, Bill…


Counting money can be a time-consuming and laborious task. Moreover, the mistakes are highly likely. Do you want to free your hands? You can try to use the WETOLS bill counter. WETOLS has designed this machine for most banknotes in the world. Different from other counters, WETOLS money counter is improved in many aspects of internal structure which makes it easier and smoother to operate.

5 Modes Simplify Your Work

  • COUNT: to count the bills
  • ADD: to count the added bills
  • BATCH: The total banknotes are delivered in batches according to the set amount
  • AUTO: to start counting automatically without pressing any key
  • RESET: to start again under reset, manual mode, alarm, preset etc.

Accurate Counting & Triple Anti-Counterfeiting Detection: 5 prime-tech anti-counterfeiting detection strategies can assist detect counterfeit banknotes, Ultraviolet (UV), Infrared (IR), Magnetic (MG), Metal Thread (MT), and Dimensional (DD). The default function is that UV/IR and MT/MG are turned on at the same time and can also be switched. Huge hopper capacity can hold 200 currencies.

Convenient 5 Operations Modes: Count, Add, Batch, Restart, and Auto mode, make the job more intensive. Count mode: count currencies’ amount; Add mode: count the sum of added bills; Batch mode: count bills in batches; Restart mode: transparent zero and restart; Auto mode: switch between auto and manual mode when counting. Low noise, underneath 60DB, it’s going to no longer disturb other folks.

Three-Screen Design, External Show With More View Angles: Twin LED screens (front and facet), you’ll more simply take readings from a couple of angles; the counter also has an extra external Show that may display consumers how you might be counting. With transportable take care of, which can also be hidden immediately, brings you more attractiveness and convenience. Applicable to so many currencies on the planet.

Upgrade Benefits: The self-check at startup can save you the machine from counting banknotes in case of failure; the upgraded and enhanced motor has upper speed and stable accuracy, it may well count more than 900 bills/min without jamming. Extraordinary banknotes can be identified, with 3 new modes added: Part-note/Double notes/Chain notes detection. With detailed directions, even for a beginner, It’s simple to make use of.

Package Contents: 1X Bill Counter, 1X Power twine, 1 x External Show, 1 x Brush, 1 x Screwdriver, 1X User Manual. When you’ve got any questions, please contact us by the use of your order, our technical team and after-sales team are at all times in the back of you, we ensure that you are going to get 100% satisfactory solution, please rest assured to shop for. It’s unquestionably a super selection for banks and merchants!



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